Thank you for your interest in this survey! An “app” or “application” is a widely used tool in tablet computers. It is used for things such as playing games, collecting pictures or helping in other ways.

Our goal is to provide a computer app that can improve the lives of people with memory problems by helping people stay connected.

The Memories.Care computer app incorporates pictures and stories of people, places and events that the person with memory problems knows. A spouse, relative or caregiver adds photos and some information about the person to the app. This information always remains confidential and secure. Please know that detailed information about a person, such as a full name, address or birthdate are NOT necessary for the app to work.

The app is meant to help people with memory problems and also the people who care about them. If you know someone who has memory problems, please help us make the app better and by taking this short survey:

Benefits of the Memories.Care app include activities such as games, an interactive personal photo album and periodic memory assessments. Help us make the Memories.Care app better!

The survey is for a spouse, relative or caregiver of someone who has memory problems. Thank you for taking the time to complete it. We appreciate your time and help.